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Fine Art Print - "Sinuosity #1"
Below is an intriguing faux charcoal drawing that is actually a piece of digital art.

Similar to my other fine art "Smooth Moves", the softly yielding curved and twisted surface of the main feature, with its diagonal movement and smoothly flowing radiant sheen, is offset and complimented by several diagonals and a background with a rougher textured surface.

This is an enticing composition that is both relaxing and intriguing. The beguiling flow is almost mesmerizing in its allure.

The 2.5" frame, "Magnificent Matte Black", has a wide flat surface which steps down to a three quarter inch slope on the outer edge.

Sample contemporary "Fine Art Print - 'Sinuosity #1'"
Digital art created at 20" x 15" @ 300ppi
Several art print sizes are available.
Fine Art Print - 'Sinuosity #1' - Art by Kinnally

Example default framing
Easily modified - "Fine Art Print 'Sinuosity #1'"
Fine Art Print 'Sinuosity #1' - Art by Kinnally

Unique and original contemporary art in several categories:
Organic art (suggestive of forms found in nature)
Sculptural art (suggestive of a three dimensional object)
Faux Mosaic art (has the appearance of a highly detailed mosaic)
Geometric art (has a definite geometric form to it; for example a spiral)
Stereographic art (stereograms - in addition to being art, can be viewed in 3D)
Unique art (a catch-all category)

All Fine Art Prints in this art gallery are created with exceptionally long lasting pigmented inks (not dyes), available framed or unframed, on several fine art papers or canvas, and in several sizes. An artist's suggested framing configuration is also available.

Are you an artist or a parent with children that like to paint or draw? Not all art materials are safe to use!
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